How to Make a Harmless Fake Virus Message

Lets start the process of making a funny virus in windows XP. If some one try to open this file computer will start shutting down itself. To create it follow the steps below ::::::

1. First right click on the Desktop screen
2. Go to New
3. then click on shortcut
4. now type shutdown -s -t 60 (time to shutdown) -c " Virus Detected On Your Computer. You Computer Is Shutting Down To Protect Your System." (you can type whatever you want to display)
5. Click on Next
6. Type the name of the icon
7. Click on Finish

***** Now you need to change the icon of the file ****

8. Right click on the icon that you have created
9. Go to properties
10. Click on Change Icon
11. Select the desired icon
12. Click on O.K
13. Click on Apply
14. Click on O.K

**** your virus is ready now. if some one try to open it, the system will shutdown after the time you have mentioned ****

15. To prevent the computer shutting down go to start
16. click on Run
17. type shutdown -a

**** now the computer will stop from shutting down ****
**** this is only for educational purpose *****
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