Top 15 Social Networking Websites

Social Networking means a relation between two or more people within the globe so that they can exchange their feeling, suggestions  and discuss any issue between them. Now a days video conferencing facility also available for the users. They can see each other also with the help of this facility.

Social Networking websites are play a vital role in our daily life. Now social networking websites are become an unbelievable part of our life. The era of social networking website began in 1994. The first socila networking website of the world was geocities and it was launched on internet in 1994. Then after it is history. From that time there are so many social networking websites are launched on internet. But very few touch the sky of popularity. 

In the recent times, facebook is the most popular among all the social networking website. Facebook came into existence in 2004. Almost 55,00,00,000 user vist facebook monthly.

Twitter is most popular among celebraties all over the world and came into existence in 2006. But five year it become most popular among the celebraties of all over the world. Musician, politician, actor, businessman, Journalist from all over the world uses twitter. On twitter Pop Star Lady Gaga has highest number (almost 1 crore) of followers among all the celebraties. Asa politician US President Barak Obama has highest number of followers.
Here is the list of top 15 most popular social networking websites as per visit of the users monthly.

Sl. No.      Website Name                     Visit of user monthly

1.                facebook                                55,00,00,000
2.                twitter                                      9,58,00,000
3.                myspace                                   8,05,00,000
4.                linkedin                                   5,00,00,000
5.                ning                                         4,20,00,000
6.                tagged                                     3,00,00,000
7.                hi5                                           2,70,00,000
8.                myyearbook                             1,20,00,000
9.                meetup                                       80,00,000
10.              bebo                                           70,00,000
11.              mylife                                         60,00,000
12.              friendster                                   50,00,000
13.              myheritage                                 48,00,000
14.              multiply                                      46,00,000
15.              orkut                                          45,00,000     
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