Greatest Quake in My Entire Life

The quake that struck yesterday is the greatest quake in my entire life. I have never seen any quake stronger than yesterday's quake which struck at 6.12PM as per my mobile time. The magnitude of the quake is 6.9 in Richter scale. The epicenter of this quake is India’s Sikkim state near the border with Nepal where more damages occurred.

It triggers landslides, damaging buildings and sending people rushing into the streets. It also triggers the memories of Tsunami.  The earth shakes almost for a minute. The shake of this quake is felt across northern and eastern India and also in Bangladesh and Nepal. According to the latest news almost 28 peoples are died  and many more wounded and there is huge possibility to get injured or dead reports yet.

Me and my friend Inu are coming from Guwahati after by giving the IBPS exam. by ASTC bus. The bus arrives at North Salamara at 6.05PM and park in a ASTC oil depo to take fuel.  Some of passengers are get down  but me and my friend and few more passenger remains in the bus. 

A few minutes later the bus starts shaking. At first we think people are shaking the bus to check fuel in the bus tank. When I asked someone from outside replied that earthquake struck. We immediately get down from the bus run a little further from the bus and oil depo. It remembers me the memories of 2012 movies. 

I only think if the depo will get blast and the land cracks what will happen? But it's almighty Allah who shave us all and help us to reach our home physically. Many many thanks to almighty Allah.......
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