How can I chat with friend on Google Plus

Google provides new chat facility on Google + for Google+ users. Google needs two months to provide this facility to Google+ users. It makes it easy to chat with friends and people with you have in your circles. In Google+, you can chat with anyone in your Circles who also has added you to their Circles. The main advantage of this feature is that when you're not using Google+, you will still be able to chat with your circles using other Google products including Gmail, the Google Talk client, iGoogle, Orkut. 

Earlier people could only chat with their friends and someone in their circle if they knew their email address. But now without email address Google+ users can chat. Now Google+ users just need to have each other in Circles. But Google+ will not display all contacts of any Google+ user. Instead of displaying all contacts in one's Google+ chat list, Google+ will display contacts from your most recent conversations who are online now. Although users can use search box at the top of the chat list to find contacts that aren't displayed.

Enable or Disable Circles for Chat

Google+ users will be able to chat with contacts in their chat enabled Circles as long as those contacts have also added to a chat enabled Circle. By default circles are chat enabled. To enable or disable chat settings users need to the following things :

  • Hover over the Chat list.
  • Click on the down arrow that appears.
  • Click Privacy Settings.
  • Select the Circles you want to be able to chat with.
If any user do not want to chat any one it is better to disable the option. To disable circles for chat, just unselect the circles in your Privacy Settings.
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