How To Get AdSense Account Approved

Before going to apply for Google AdSense you must have to know a little bit things about this program. It is an advertising program of Google and it is the worlds largest ads network which works Pay Per Click system. It displays relevant adds with publishers online contents and  help publishers to earn money from their online contents. Advertisers pay to Google for advertising their products and Google pay to publishers for publishing the advertisements on their blogs or websites. Read also : proof of AdSense earnings.

It was first introduced in 2003 and when it was only available for online contents. But now a days it is available for all platform. It is available for Content, Feeds, Search, Mobile Content, Domains and Video.

 Why AdSense?

AdSense is the most popular choice of every blogger to earn money from their online contents. Although there are many add networks then why it is popular among all bloggers and webmasters? I think there is only one reason and it could be its paying rates. Paying rates of AdSense is much better than other add networks. I don't find any other reason. What do you think? Read also : how to setup Page Level ads.

What Are  Requirements

Google is very strict about AdSense account. Before applying for AdSense bloggers and webmasters must have to know the eligibility criteria. Like any competitive examination AdSense have also some requirements and publishers always have to fulfill that requirements. No one can delude them. 

1. Ownership of a Website or a Blog

This is the first requirement. Without this, none can eligible to participate in AdSense programme. You must have your own website or blog so that you can put AdSense code. If you do not have a website or blog then you can create your free website or blog on Blogspot, WordPress, Weebly, hPpage and many more. You can choose either Blogspot or WordPress. Both are SEO friendly. In my case, I choose Blogspot, because it is easy to use. Read also : how to put ads below blog post title.

2. Age of Website

If you have a website or blog then you have fulfill the first requirement. Now the second requirement is the age of your website. According to Google, in some locations, including India and China website should be 6 months or more old. Although it is 6 months, many can get AdSense approved within 2 - 3 months. If you are lucky, you may get AdSense approved in short time than you will be the lucky. Many bloggers do not wait for proper time and apply immediately as soon as their site is ready. And because of that many blogs or website rejected by AdSense.

3. Age of Website or Blog owner

I think this is the third & most important requirement for AdSense. If you fulfill the above two requirements and failed this 3rd requirement, I am 100+% sure you will definitely be rejected. According to Google's policy owner must be minimum 18 years old. If you put your age below 18 years in the AdSense application for you will be rejected. So be careful about your age. Read also : How to customize blogger featured post section.

But Google gives a benefit those are under 18. They have to submit their application through their parent or guardian's Google Account. And if AdSense account is approved, Google will issue payments to the adult person who is responsible for the site.

4. Quality Content

This is the 4th most important requirement for AdSense. Be careful about your contents. Your website or blog must have quality and original content. You can't post any duplicate content. AdSense does not allow anyone to use AdSense code for Pornographic, Illegal items, Drugs etc.

5. Number of Blog Post

This is the 5th most important requirement for AdSense. No one gets AdSense account approved just publishing 5 - 6 posts in their blog or website. Since its all about money, so be careful before applying AdSense. In order to be approved your AdSense account, you site must have sufficient number of blog posts so that their specialist can evaluate your website or blog. Before applying AdSense, your site must have more than 50 number of posts. Read also : how to setup Google Pay application.

Sometimes post length creates problem also. Therefore, always try to write your post in more than 500 words. It help you lot to get AdSense approval.

6. Language of Website or Blog

AdSense does not support all the language. It is available for only 36 language around the world. It supports English, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Greek etc. If you have a website and its runs on non AdSense supported language then your application definitely rejected. You can check the full list here AdSense Supported Language.

7. Domain Name (.Com, .Net, .Org, .In)

Domain is the main factor when you apply for AdSense. If you are using Blogspot or WordPress sub-domain then your dream to get AdSense approved is far away. Users of sub-domain like or need to work harder and harder to get AdSense account approved. No one guarantee you.
After all its a matter of money, so you need to purchase a top level domain from domain name registrar. There are many domain name registrar. But you need to choose the best one. In my case, I choose GoDaddy just because of its easy DNS configuration and as well as low cost. Read also : AdSense for search - make money from it.

8. AdSense Program Policies

Just like your exam, you need to obey the AdSense program policies. Like your exam, if you fail to comply with the program policies your without permission from Google, your AdSense account disabled at any time. So always try to obey AdSense program policies. Once your account is disabled, you will not be eligible for farther participation not able to earn from Google. So read the instruction very carefully. Click here to know more about AdSense program policies.

9. About Us Page

This page plays a major role when you apply for AdSense. This page describes about you and about your blog / website. This page will simply lets your readers to know about you and about your blog / website. Since its a matter of money then why you skip this page. So never try to avoid this page. Many gets disapprove due to this page.

10. Contact Us Page

Contact us page lets your blog readers to interact with you. Your readers definitely has his / her opinion and you can't suppress them. This page gives an opportunity to your blog readers to contact you through a contact us form. Read also : How lock / track lost mobile phone and erase data remotely.

11. Disclaimer / Privacy Page

Your blog / website must have a disclaimer / privacy page. This page describes that you have all rights reserved of your online contents. None can use your contents.

12. Design

Design of your blog / website represents your expertise and professionalism. So, always use some good looking templates for your blog / website.

13. Other Add Networks

Although Google allows publishers to use other add networks along with them. But the better option is to remove all other add networks add code from your blog / website till your AdSense account will not approved. After approving your AdSense account you can use them. Read also : How to find AdSense high paying long tail keywords.

How to Apply for AdSense?

If your blog / website have fulfilled all the above requirements and obey the program policies then you are eligible to participate in the world's largest Money Making Program. You have to remember the following important points when you apply for AdSense.

1. Valid Email Address

Your email address is your login address in AdSense. You will always get important updates regarding your AdSense account at this email address. That's why, always use a valid email address. 

2. Payee Name / Contact Name

In the application form never try to hide your original identity. If you hide your original identity your address will be never verified and you will never get your earning. Always use your educational certificate's name. It help you to verify your name whenever Google ask for documents to verify your account. Your name should also match with your Bank Account Name. Read also : How to decorate text with shadow effects.

3. Billing Address

You billing address is always your postal address. Enter your complete address in the application like Street Address, City / Town, District, State / Area, Zip Code, Country / Territory as much information ask in the application form. 

4. Right Information About Your Content

In the AdSense application form do not provide false information about your content. False information can also make a cause of disapproval of your account. 

Once your AdSense account is approved, it looks likes a dream come true. You are eligible to Google AdSense code to your blog / website. If your blog / website comply with all the above requirements then click here to apply for AdSense. 
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