How to Install Windows 7 -Step by Step Guide

Lets learn the art how to install Windows 7 Operating System (O.S) in your system. Follow the steps below to learn this art :::::

1. first insert the Windows 7 Operating System CD/DVD into your CD/DVD ROM
2. press delete / f2 (whichever is applicable)go to BIOS setting and change the first boot sequence / priority to CD/DVD ROM
3. press f10 to save the changes
4. click O.K

**** your system will restart now ****

5. press Enter on the keyboard when asks "press any key to boot from CD or DVD"
6. click on Next
7. click on Install now to install Windows 7 O.S
8. click the check box located near "I accept the license terms" to accept the license agreement
9. Click on Next
10. click on Custom (advanced) for new installation or you can click on upgrade to upgrade your system.
11. create partitions (C drive, D drive etc.) for your system or select the drive where you want to install Windows 7 for already installed OS system
12. Click on Next

**** installing windows ..... progress. in this process your system will restart several times. it may take 20 to 30 minutes ****

13. type a user name
14. click on Next
15. type a password
16. click on Next
17. type the serial no. or product key
18. click on Next
19. click on recommended setting
20. click on Next
21. set the time
22. click on Next
23. click on Next
24. click on Finish
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