How To Write Effective Keywords

Keywords are the most important part of a blog / website. Keywords are strong points to bring a website or blog visible on search engines. Keywords plays a vital role to increase traffics to a website / blog. Targeting useful keywords and using them on your blog’s description will bring more readers as well as more clicks. Keyword rich posts not only gain favor with the search engines, but they also make for relevant and interesting reading.
You must put your keywords after <head> and before the </head> tag. You can also insert a description of your website inside <meta> tag with proper apostrophe.

For example ::::

<meta name="description" contents="Type a description for your website or blog"/>

<meta name="keywords" contents="Type all the relevant contents and phrases to your website or blog"/>

When writing keywords for a website or blog two main important things blogger must have to remember.
  • At first, determine all the relevant keywords of your website or blog.
  • Secondly, determine the main keywords of your website or blog.
Last but not least do forget to ping your website or blog to search engines on regular basis. It helps you to list your website into search engines as well as getting more organic traffics. 

And finally you will get your reward. What you expect from your blog. you will earn money from your website or blog. More traffic more earning.

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