Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Tutorial

MS PowerPoint help users to create a layout of presentation. The presentation may be for business purpose or educational purpose. Here is some of overview of MS PowerPoint 2003.

How to open M.S PowerPoint?

Follow the steps below to open MS PowerPoint 2003.

Start > All Program > MS Office 2003 > Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003

How to save a Presentation ?

Follow the steps below to save your presentation.

File > Save > Type file name > Save

How to insert new slide ?

Click on Insert > New slide    or   Press Ctrl + M on keyboard

How to change the design of a presentation ?

Click on design in the right hand side of the standard toolbar > Select the desire one

How to add an animation ?
  • Click on Slide show 
  • Custom animation 
  • Select the word or sentence where you want to apply effects 
  • Click on add effect in the right hand side pane 
  • Select the desired effects
How to add sound effects ?

Slide show > Slide Transaction > select sound

How to view a slide on full screen ?

Slide show > view show or press f5 on the key board 

How to copy / cut / text (or) slide ?
  • Select the text / or slide
  • Edit
  • Copy / cut (or) Ctrl + C (for copy) / Ctrl+ X (for cut)      (Or)     right click on the selected text / slid
  • Copy / Cut
How to paste a copy text or slide ?
  • Locate the position where you want to paste your text / slide 
  • Edit 
  • paste    or   Press Ctrl +V on the keyboard

How to insert Picture from clip Art ?
  • Insert
  • Picture
  • Clip Art
  • Organize clips
  • Extant the collection list
  • Select the Picture
  • Copy the Picture
  • Close or minimize Microsoft clip organizer window
  • Locate the position and paste the picture
  • How to open an existing presentation ?
How to insert picture from file ?
  • Insert   
  • Picture 
  • From File 
  • Locate the picture position 
  • Select the picture 
  • Insert
 How to Insert Word Art ?
  • Insert  
  • Picture 
  • Word Art  
  • Select the Desire One  
  • Ok  
  • Type Your Text  
  • Ok
How To Change Alignment ?
  • Select The Text 
  • Format   
  • Alignment     
  • Select The Desire alignment
  • Follow the steps below to open an existing presentation.
How To Record Macro?
  • Tools 
  • Macro 
  • Record New Macro  
  • Type Macro Name  
  • Ok   
  • Type Your Text and After Completing the typing Click On Stop Recording Button

How To Run Macro ?
  • Locate The Position where you want to run macro or open a new document.   
  • Tools  
  • Macro
  • Macros    
  • Select The Macro name
  • Run
How to open an existing presentation ?

File >  Open     or   Ctrl + O > Select the existing presentation > open
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