Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating System

To install Red Hat on your system you need to have a Red hat operating system CD or DVD. Say you have a Red hat CD/DVD with you. Now follow the steps below to install Red hat ....

1. Insert the CD/DVD of Red hat Operating System.
2. Restart the System.
3. Press Delete or F2 key (whichever is applicable) on the keyboard to enter into the BIOS and sets the first boot device CD/DVD ROM.
4. Press F10 to save the settings.
5. Click O.K.
6. Your system restarts again.
7. Press Enter on the keyboard to install the Red hat operating system into your system.
8. Click on Skip.
9. Click on Next.
10. Select Skip entering installation numbers.
11. Click on O.K.
12. Click on Skip.
13. Click on Yes.
14. Select Create Custom Layout.
15. Click on Next.

*** Total free disk space dialog box screen appeaser and now you need to create partitions on your hard disk for Red hat ****

16. select free space to create root directory.
17. Click on New
18. Now you need to select Mount Point "/" (also called root) and define the Size in MB for example for 10GB you can put 10000
19. Click on O.K.
20. Again select free space to create /boot directory.
21. Click on New
22. Now you need to select Mount Point "/boot" and define the Size in MB for example 200MB - 1000MB
23. Click on O.K.
24. Again select free space to create "Swap" directory which is always double of the physical RAM.
25. Click on New.
26. Select swap by click on the file system type ext3 and define the size which is double of the RAM.
**** If you don't know the size of the RAM, press Ctrl + Alt + F2 on your keyboard to open the terminal. Now type "free" to check RAM. To get back from terminal press Ctrl + Alt + F6 or Ctrl + Alt + F7.

27. Again select free space.
28. Click on O.K.
29. Select Mount Point "/home" to create home directory define the size for the /home directory or you can select fill to maximum allowance.
30. Click on O.K.
31. Click on Next.
32. Click on Next.
33. Click on Next.
34. Select region Asia from the world map and then select a green dot for Kolkata in India.
35. Click on Next.
36. Now you need to type the password for root user and type again for confirmation.
37. Click on Next.
38. Click on Next.
39. Select Customize now.
40. Click on Next.

***** Now you need to select various packages *****

41. select Desktop Environment and then select GNOME, right click on GNOME and select all optional packages.
42. repeat the above options for other packages. you can select all packages by clicking on the check box.
43. Click on Next.
44. Click on Next.

**** now formatting and installation process starts and you need to wait for 20 to 30 minutes. After installation CD/DVD comes out from the CD/DVD tray. Remove the CD/DVD and Reboot the system. ****

45. Click on Forward.
46. Click on Forward.
47. Click on Forward.
48. Click on Forward.
49. create user window opens, if you wish you can create a user with username, full name, password, confirm password.
50. Click on Forward.
51. Click on Forward.
52. Click on Finish to complete the installation.
53. now enter the username and password to login into the system.

**** the default username is root and the password is what you have entered for the first time during installation. otherwise login as the user you have created after installation of OS. ****
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