Biggest Scams In India

Who says India is a 3rd world or poor country? When you see the list of scams or corruptions that happened in India after independent. You will be shocked and your eyes are on your forehead. India was never be a poor country and nor it now. It is very rich and wealthy country before Mughal and British Empire. There are numerous natural resources from where India can get many revenue. But it is not possible due to some of our very high levels of  Government Officials and fraud political leaders. Our political leaders are very smart in promising they forgets everything after the election whatever the promises before the election and indulge themselves in corruption. A civilized country never expect such types of biggest scams. But those we do not expect that is happening in India. All the scams happened in India are touches the limit of sky.

From the independence of India, there are countless corruptions occurred in India in Govt or Private sectors. Not a single departments are left without corruption. Corruption reaches the root of the society. From a clerk to the head of the department all are being involved in corruption. Every year India losing billion and billion dollars due to corruptions.

According to the Transperency International's Corruption Perceptions Index in 2011, India was ranked 95th among 178 countries.  It is shame for a country like India. It is a gift of our political  leaders who involved in corruptions to all the nations. If they did not involved in corruption the scenario was different. Out of India's 523 parliament members there are 120 members who are facing criminal charges. 

Some of the biggest scams are Rs. 950 crore Fodder scam, Rs. 1,000 crore North Cachar (NC) hills scam in Assam, Rs. 1,76,645 crore 2G Spectrum scam, Rs. 10.67 lakh crore Coal Mining Scam in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh was 6 times bigger than the 2 G scamAdarsh Housing Society scam in Mumbai, 2010 Commonwealth Games scamCash for vote scam. In all the scams very high levels of  Government Officials are involved. But there are many hidden scams those are yet to disclose.

A strong Lokpal bill will plays a pivotal role to remove corruption in India. In December, 2011 Indian social activist and Gandhian Anna Hazare was on fast for demanding strong Lokpal bill. Team Anna's core committee members Kiran Bedi, Shanthi Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan and all the nations came forward in support of Anna Hazare and strong Lokpal bill. But due to our political leaders it will take long time to come into exist.

Now my question is who is responsible for the corruptions? A Government officials! a Corporate person! or a politician! I think no one. They are just a shield. But we the people of India and at some point our law and orders are responsible for the corruption. Accused are always caught, always sent to jail and always get relief. They take the advantages of our weak judicial system. For a corruption free India accused should be punished hard so that they will never repeat the same and others get a lesson.

If you want a corruption free India then change your mind and stop paying bribes to get jobs in Govt and Private sectors. If people of a nation is conscious about corruption, then a nation easily become a corruption free state. Keep protest against corruption.
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