Bad Effects of Dendrite

As we all know that dendrite is a good popular adhesive and P. C. Chandra's Chemical Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of dendrite. It is broadly used in various sectors like Engineering, Automobile, Footwear, Lather Craft, Home Decor, Carpenters and also for repairing punctured tyres. It contains a substance called toluene. Toluene is a sweet smelling and intoxicating hydrocarbon which is called neurotoxin. When these intoxicants are smeared on a piece of cloth and inhaled, the user feel euphoric (high and experience a sense of invincibility). But they dissolve the membrane of the brain cell and causes hallucinations.

When I was returning from my hometown by train I had noticed at the New Jalpaiguri (NJP) train station that some children mostly rag-pickers were keeping their handkerchief / polythene on their mouth and breathing through it and some smelling their handkerchief. Some of them are were half-naked, bare feet and had a broom in their hands also. All were between six and twelve years old. Two of them were in between fifteen and twenty years old. When I had noticed well I found that they had kept something in their handkerchief. I did not take much time to understand that those were dendrite and all were addicted to dendrite.

When saw broom in their hands I easily understand that all were from poor family and they are rag-pickers. When you travel through India you find these type children sweeping sweeping bogies of the train. The scene was very pathetic for me as we know that children are future of a country. For an instantaneous satisfaction they are using dendrite. But they don't think what will be the effect of dendrite inhalation and forwarding to an unwanted unnatural death.

Many chronic health problems are occurred and users can die early and unnatural death due to dendrite addiction. So we need to take care of our children so that they can't reach dendrite. And if you use dendrite at home for various purpose then keep it out of reach from children. If someone addicted to dendrite it is very difficult to leave this habit.

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