How To Turn Facebook Chat On For Selected Friends

Facebook chat option allows you to chat with your friends those are online on Facebook. When your chat option is enabled you will see all your online friends. By default it is enabled for everyone. You do not want to chat but your friend invites you to chat again and again. It irritates you. In that case you can turn off your chat option so that no one see you online. Instead of turn off your chat option you can turn on your chat option for some of your selected friends also. To do this just follow the steps below :::

1. First login to your facebook account
2. Click on Chat bar

3. Click on the gear icon

4. Select Advanced Settings....


5. Select the radio button against " Turn on chat for only some friends " and type your friend's name on the required field. As you type their  name, name will be displayed automatically. Just select their them  for whom you want to be online

6. Finally click on Save option

Now you are online for only some of your friends. If you wish to change your online status and want to become online for everyone just do the steps upto 3 and select " Turn on chat for all friends except... " and then click on Save option to save your status. Now try yourself.
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