How To Disable GPRS Connection or Edge Network From Samsung GT S5222

When you use your Samsung GT S522 for internet purpose a capital letter E (blue colour) appears near the strength of the network symbol. This E is called as edge network. Once it is enabled your account is debited by 10 paise or more after some interval even when you are not using GPRS and this will continue till your account balance becomes zero. Though you disable blue colour E or edge network after few minutes it comes again and your balance is deducted till your balance reach 10 paise.

In Samsung Star 3 Duos there is no option to disable your GPRS connection. Therefore, it is very difficult to disable it. Though somehow I get success doing the below process. I  am using double SIM in my mobile and i use internet with my SIM2. After using internet do the following steps to disable this blue colour capital E or edge network or disable GPRS connection.

Step 1. go to Menu

Step 2. click Settings

Step 3. click Network

Step 4. click Connections

Step 5. click Yes when it asks "This menu manages connection profiles. Incorrect configuration will prevent online connection. Continue?"

Step 6. Select the SIM (say SIM2)

Now you need to delete the GPRS settings from your samsung mobile to disable GPRS connection or edge network since GT S5 222 does not have other option to disable it.

Step 7. If you use Vodafone SIM click Options and select Delete to Vodafone Live

Step 8. again click Options and select Delete to delete Vodafone MMS

Step 9. again click Options and select Delete to delete Vodafone Mobile connect.

Now select the other SIM (say SIM1). If you use Reliance SIM then do the 7, 8, 9 number process to delete RWAP, RMMS, RNET.

After deleting your GPRS configuration whenever you wish to use internet you can restore them just clicking on Restore.

Now you need to dial *#477*8665# and then select GPRS Detach and after confirmation click on Back to come out from GPRS settings. When you dial *#4777*8665#, 8665 appears as (----) dash. So you no need to worry.

Some time when you switch from SIM2 to SIM1 edge network appears on the SIM1. To avoid using your balance deduction keep your SIM1 balance as low as possible. Better option is when you use internet on your mobile keep one SIM Off.

I personally tried it on my mobile and I get success. Hope it works for you. You can try it for other Samsung mobile also.

That's it! Thanks for reading the post. Please share the post and your views on the same.
How To Disable GPRS Connection or Edge Network From Samsung GT S5222 How To Disable GPRS Connection or Edge Network From Samsung GT S5222 Reviewed by Mani on October 14, 2012 Rating: 5

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