How To Take Backup Of Your Facebook Data

Backup is the most important for all social media sites or email. Backup help you to get back your previous data. Facebook is the most popular social networking website around the world. If you dissatisfied with Facebook then you can deactivate your account since Facebook does not have delete option. Before deactivating your Facebook account don't forget to download your all data like your timeline, photos, videos, everything you have done on Facebook from the opening your Facebook account. To download or take backup of your Facebook data you will need to follow the steps below :::

Step 1. login to your Facebook account
Step 2. click on the arrow at top right corner as shown in the below image.

Step 3. click on Account Settings

Step 4. click on Download a copy

Step 5. click on Start My Archive

Step 6. again click on Start My Archive

Step 7. click on Confirm

Step 8. Your request for backup is pending.

You will get an email notification from Facebook regarding backup your Facebook data and then follow the steps.
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