How To Create YouTube Playlist

You can create a playlist of your favorite videos that you have uploaded on YouTube. So that people can watch your favorite list. They do not have to go through all your videos. Simply clicking on your playlist they can watch your favorite videos. To create a playlist of your YouTube videos just do the following steps:

1. Login to your YouTube account
2. Click on your user name and then click Video Manager

3. Click Playlist (left side)

4. Click New Playlist and type your Playlist title and description and then click create playlist. You can enter title and description next step also

5. If you do not enter title of your playlist in step 4 then do this here and click Add video by URL

6. Copy the URL of your video and paste here and then click Add 

7. After adding your favorite videos click Save (right side) to save the playlist.

Now your YouTube video playlist is created.
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