How to download Windows 8 free

Follow the below steps to download windows 8 trial version for 3 months

1. If you already have a microsoft account login to your microsoft account. If you do not have micosoft account you need to create an account on click here and then click the Sign in button. If you use hotmail or microsoft passport account that means you already have a microsoft account.

2. Fill out the online forms and click Accept. Once you click Accept microsoft will send you a verify link to your email.

3. Open your email and verify microsoft account.

4. Once you verify your email and then click O.K.

5. Once you click O.K, windows 8 download form will appear. Fill out the form and click Continue.

6. Scroll down and select Download the 32-bit (x86) version or   Download the 64-bit (x64) version and click Get Started Now.

7. Once you click your download dialog box appears and once you click O.K download will start automatically.

Size of the Windows 8 file is 2.375GB. Needs more time to download. To download quickly you must have IDM installed in your system. IDM increase your download 5 times better. After download the windows 8 image file you need to burn it in DVD so that you can use it to install windows 8.
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