Open any programs in windows 8

In earlier windows version what ever programs or software you install you can open then from start button. Since windows 8 does not have start button instead it has a start screen where all apps are present. So you just need to find and click on the desired apps. What ever programs or software install in windows 8 all are added on start screen and it is easy to open from start screen. Though there are various process to open them but the most easiest and recommended process is to type the program name on the start screen.

As soon as you type the first letter of the program your search begins and all related apps / programs appears. Suppose you want to open my computer in windows 8 simply type computer on the start screen. You will see computer on the screen then either click on that app or press Enter on the keyboard to open it.

Open any programs in windows 8 Open any programs in windows 8 Reviewed by Mani on November 13, 2012 Rating: 5

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