How to create and publish a free website on

You can create a free website on You do not need any technical skills to build your website on weebly. You can choose numerous themes for your website on weebly. If you wish to delete your site you can do so. You can earn money with Google Ad Sense and their referral programs on To create a website on you need to follow the below steps:

1. First fill signup form on

2. Enter title of your website or you can do it later 
3. Select types of your website and then click on Continue

4. Type your website address i.e. URL address. If it is available you will get your desired website address or if you want to register your site you can select the second option.
5. Click on Continue

 6. Click on Design and select a template

7. Drag the desired elements to insert text or image and drag and drop at desire position.

8. If you wish to add page to your website then select Pages element and add your page
9. Click on Save Settings

10. If you wish you can change your website URL address click on Settings and change the site address

11. If your site is ready then click on Publish so that people all over the world can see.

12. If you wish to publish your site later then click on Close extremely top of the right corner 

13. Click on Logout from you weebly account.

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