How To Get More Space on Dropbox

Bring your documents and anywhere in the world. No need to carry them with you. Just create a dropbox account and verify from your email address and install it on your system and save all your files and folders in Dropbox folder in My Documents. Dropbox is a free online storage site where you can store upto 2GB data. Any file you save to your dropbox folder in My Documents of your computer will automatically save to dropbox account. Share your documents and photos. Once you have created your account on dropbox they offer you 2 GB free space. Your space is increased step by step.

If you invite your friends and if your friend installed dropbox on his computer you can earn 500MB space and your friend can get 250 MB space on dropbox. Want more space. Just login to your dropbox account and click Get Free Space near your name and do the necessary thing and earn space. Take a dropbox tour and earn 250MB space.

If you send feedback you can get 152MB space. If you tweet dropbox link from your dropbox account you can get 125MB space. Follow dropbox on Twitter and facebook and get 125MB space for each. So its is more fun than others.

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