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New version of Internet Download Manager (IDM) is available now. IDM is most popular among people those who used to love downloads. No matter how long the files size is. You can easily download with in an hour. IDM is a tool which can increase the download speed up to 5 times. IDM is user friendly and any one can use it. No need extra skills are required to use IDM. If you wish to resume download you can resume it or if you want to schedule your download you can easily do it. Computer shutdowns and unexpected power failure does not affect your downloads.

IDM is so developed in such a way that it can supports proxy servers, File Transfer Protocol (ftp), Hypertext Terminal Protocol (http), cookies, firewalls, audio and video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly to all popular browsers like Microsoft internet explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. to automatically handle your downloads. You can configure your download category wise and different  download location for documents, musics, Videos and compressed files.

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