Change Windows 8 User Account Picture

Like other previous windows version you can change your account picture in windows 8. For that you must have genuine windows  8 operating system installed in your system. You can change account picture in trial versions also if it is activated. If not the use net or call to Microsoft to activate the trial version. When you call Microsoft provides you an activation key to activate your windows 8. Once you have activated your system do lot more. You can change your account picture in two different ways. 

Option 1 - Click on your user account user name or account avatar on start screen and then click Change account picture. Click Browse to switch to your photo location. When you click Browse it switch you to photo gallery. If you do not find there then click Files located top left corner and then select desired option say Computer. Once you click Computer you will see your local disks select the drives where you have your photo. Select the picture or image and then click Choose Image. Once you click Choose Image your account picture is changed. This is the most easiest process to change your account picture.

Option 2 - Move your mouse pointer top or bottom of extreme right corner. When you bring pointer charm screen appears. Move mouse pointer up or down and click Settings. Then after click Change PC settings. PC settings screen opens. Select Personalize if not selected from left side navigation pane and then select Account picture. And the Browse your picture like option 1.



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