Personalize or Customize Windows 8 Start Screen

Like start screen apps you can customize or personalize start screen. You can change the design and colour of start screen according to you. It much more interesting when it comes customizing start screen's appearance. But there is limitations. Microsoft is limiting your options. Windows 8 have only 10 background images in stock. Just do the below steps to change start screen appearance. Move your mouse pointer top or bottom of right corner. Charm bar menu appears. Move pointer up or down and click Settings and then PC Settings. PC Settings screen opens. Select Personalize if not selected and then click Start screen. Select images from the stocks and drag the colour pointer to set start screen colour.



If you want to go beyond the limitation you need to take help of third party. Third party means not your friend. I mean any software.  Use Decor8 software to personalize start screen according to you. Using Decor8 you can set your own image or picture as start screen background. Decor8 is not free. You can use it one month free. Just install in windows 8 and type decor8 on start screen and click on it. Click try option you will get code from decor8 and paste the code and go ahead. But you need net connection to get your code.

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