Get Started With Facebook Graph Search

Facebook graph search is not available to all user yet. It is mainly available for English (US) audience. Facebook graph search is mainly focused on four areas - People, Photos, Places and Interests. This feature allows you to search Facebook things in these four areas. You can search for any particular things on Facebook. Even you can search the web also.

I search my friend who like chapar and it display relevant results. Similarly I search my friend who have visited Delhi, i get fine results.

If you type my friend who like women all the name of that particular friend comes out. If you search people like music from your hometown all the name will come out only those who love music. Even you can search what photos you had liked already on facebook. If you want to see how many friends you have from London or USA just type the queries. Just type your queries on search box result will be displayed within a moment. You can search any thing regarding you, your friends or friends of friends. You can join in the waiting list also.

Get Started With Facebook Graph Search Get Started With Facebook Graph Search Reviewed by Mani on January 06, 2013 Rating: 5

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