How to Track Your Emails

Don't you eager to find out who and when open your emails ? There are many emails tracking softwares available such as Readnotify, e-mailsecure, pointofmail, spypig, confimax, bigstring, yesware. They all provide similar facility. If you are interested to track all your emails then you must have to use anyone of these. But Yesware is awesome and most reliable. I am using it from six months and getting good results. So you be too.

Big companies like Motorola, Yammer, StackOverflow, HubSpot and LivingSocial are all using yesware to track both sales and emails. Generally yesware is an email tool for salespeople. Yesware is a free email plugin for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which provides email tracking, customizable templates and CRM integration and many more.

To add yesware to your gmail just click on the image and follow the instructions..

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