How To Get Start Menu Button In Windows 8

Although windows 8 doesn't have start menu button in your desktop, you can get it using a third party access. ViStart is a free third party software which provides you to get a start menu button on your desktop. To get start menu in windows 8 download ViStart and run the setup file. Follow the below steps to get start menu button on your desktop screen.

1. Run the program as Administrator or double click on the setup file to run the program
2. Click Yes to allow the program to execute the setup file to install the program
3. Click Next
4. Click Accept to accept terms of agreement
5. Click OK
6. Select Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement and then click OK
7. Close the browser window and click Next

Once you click Next ViStart starts loading in your system and a few seconds later you will see a start icon extremely bottom of left corner. Though you can install ViStart in your system you can use your metro start menu as well. Whenever you start your system every time ViStart loads into your system. Whenever you wish you can easily remove or uninstall ViStart from the Control Panel.

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