How To Block A Twitter Follower

Twitter is an online social networking site and microblogging service. Twitter enables its users to send and read text-based messages upto 140 characters which is known as tweets. Users can follow their friends, favorite celebrities  and politicians on twitter. No need to send friend request on twitter. Users just need to follow their friends and favorite celebrities and politicians. Users can also retweet other users tweets also. If any user wish to block any follower he can block easily. 

To block a twitter follower on Twitter you need to follow the few steps. Login to your twitter account and click Me button to go to your profile page. After that users need to click Followers button located left side. Now here you will see the list of your followers. Just click the person icon against the user whom you want to block and select Block@username.

If you wish to unblock later just do the above process and click Unblock. Thanks for reading this post. Appreciate me by sharing this post on your social networks.
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