How To Add AddThis Sharing Button To Your Blog

What is sharing button?

A sharing button is all-in-one a widget that lets people to share any content on the web with friends via different social networking websites or e-mail.

Why do you need it?

A sharing button allows you to get more traffic to your website or a blog. With the help of sharing button readers can share your post in different social networking sites. They spread your voice to the millions of people on different social networks. And due to that your website or blog gets more traffic and become more popular.
A small sharing button makes your website or blog posts go viral on social network which results in huge incoming traffic towards your website or blog. And that's why you need a sharing button to your website or blog. How to get sharing button below each post?

There are so many codes available on the web that can easily added to any blog. Some of  have top social networking website like facebook, google+, twitter and linkedin links shared with them. But if you need all-in-one sharing button so that your readers can share your posts to any social networking website then you need to add AddThis gadget to your website or blog. This gadget is completely free.

To add this gadget to your website or blog just follow the below steps ::

Step 1. Click Here to add AddThis gadget to your website or blog

Step 2. Select the radio button against Blogger located left side pane.

Step 3. Select style by selecting the radio button  against different style located left side pane .

Step 4. If you are not signing in to your blog then sign in to your blogger account. And then click Install Blogger Widget.

Step 5. Once you click Install Blogger Widget, it will switch to your blogger page.

Step 6. If you have multiple blogs published on blogger then you need to select a blog. After that click Add Widget.

Step 7. Once you click Add Widget a page element is added to your blog's layout.

Step 8. Finally you need to click Save arrangement to save the settings

Note:- This share button does not work in the blogger's dynamic view.
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