Facebook Redesigned Its Page Insight

Facebook has redesigned and launched its new page insight. The new page insight is far better than the earlier one. New page insight rejoice page owners. It is more simple and easy to understand. It gives clean and clear image of the page data. In the new page insight admins or page owners can track each and everything of their page.

The new page insight have four main tabs namely Overview, Page, Post and People. Under each tab page owners can found different tabs which gives the clear concept of the report.

In the Overview tab, page owners can track Page Like, Post Reach and Engagement. When page owners click on the Page Likes, they will able to see details of page like. They are also able to see Total page like the page of that day, Net likes and Where your page likes from.

Under the Overview tab, when page owner clicks Post Reach, they will see Post Reach, Likes, Comments, Shares Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes and Total Reach.

When page owners click Post tab, they will see all published post with Type, Targeting, Reach and Engagement. They can also see When Fans Are Online and Best Post Types.

Similarly, People tab has three tabs namely Your Fans, People Reached and People Engaged. When page owners click People tab, they will able to see their fan, age and gender wise with geography and language.

Since reports are appeared in demographic so page owners won't find any problem to check the reports. It is superb clear report. No problem to download data. Just click Export Data and click Download.

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