How to Find Blogger RSS Feed URL

A feed or web feed is a data format that is used to provide users with frequently updated content. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is also a family of web feed which also used to publish frequently updates such as blogs, news, audio and video in a standardized format.

When you will go to submit your blog in blog search engine like technorati and many similar sites you will need to provide your blog's site feed url so that they can easily crawled your blog and found your claim token.
Now here is a question arises where will you get your blog's feed url. You can find your blog's feed url in two ways.

Process 1

Simply right click anywhere and any of the web page except image of your blog and select View page source. Your blog's page source will open in a new tab. Now press Ctrl + F on the keyboard to get search box. In the search box type feeds/posts/default and hit enter on the keyboard. Once you start typing word will start highlighting. Now you will able to see lines like

The RSS feeds url address is found after href="http://www.domain_name/feeds/posts/default" between quotes. From first line it is cleared that RSS feeds is -

and from 2nd line you need to consider it upto the word default and need to ignore ?alt=rss.

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Process 2

Just login to your blogger account and enter into your dashboard and click Settings located left side and then after click Other. Now you will able to see your RSS feed url. If you do not see your RSS feed url don't worry it may be below of the page. Just scroll down and you will see your feed url  like

Happy to get the feed url. Now cheers.
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