How To Submit / Claim A Blog On Technorati

Technorati is world's biggest and most popular blog directory. A search engine for searching blogs. Technorati not only index of blogs but also rank them. And if your site is get ranked under any category then your blog will get nice traffic too. The site was founded by Dave Sifry and it was launched in 2002. According to technorati by June 2008, it was indexing 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. So, here is how you can submit your blog to technorati blog Directory. Just follow the below instructions to submit blog to Technorati.

Steps 1. To submit your blog to technorati you need to register with technorati. So for that click here and click Join. Follow the images for clear guidance.

Step 2. Fill the form carefully to create your profile on Technorati and click Join located below.

Step 3. Once you click Join you will get an email with a link from technorati to activate your account. Login into your email account and open your mailbox and click the link or copy the link and paste  it on the address bar of internet explorer, firefox, chrome to activate your account. Now your account is activated.

Step 4. Again go to technorati and login to your account with username and password. Now either click your username or your profile picture to enter into your profile page.

Step 5. Scroll down and type your blog url address under My claimed blogs and click Claim.

Steps 6. This is the main part of the process. Here you need to enter your blog's title, blog's url, blog's feed url, blog's facebook page url, blog's twitter page url, blog's google+ page url. Be careful when you are entering site url address. If you have enabled secure browsing for facebook then you need to disable it. Otherwise you will get an error message.

In my case I get an an error and when I disabled secure browsing option in facebook then I proceed to next step. Then after you need to type the site description between 1000 characters. After writing site description select proper site categories for your blog. And then enter proper site tags.

Steps 7. After doing the above steps now you need to click Proceed to the next step. You will switch to the Blog claim status page where you will get a message like Thank you for submitting your claim.......

Step 8. Now you need to check your email where you will find a unique code like VQPPY56RGZ89 which will be your claim token send by technorati.

Verify the claim token or the unique code

This is most important for technorati to verify your claim token or the unique code provided by the technorati. Many of us submitted their blogs on technorati but due to lack of proper knowledge or proper guide they failed to claim their blog. Here you will learn the full claim process. Lets go to your verify your claim token or the unique code that you have received in your email.

Step 9. Login to your email id and either copy the unique code or write down on a paper properly.

Step 10. Now login to your blogger account.

Step 11. Click New Post

Step 12. Here you need to create and publish a test post or publish a  post with the claim token or unique code. Put title as test post and  and paste the claim token or write down the unique code in the message box so that when technorati crawled your blog, they will find token.

Step 13. Now click Publish to publish your blog post.

Step 14. Once published the new blog post, login to your technorati  account

Step 15. Click either your username or your profile picture. You will switch to your technorati profile page.

Step 16. Scroll down and click Check Claim under My claimed blog.

Technorati uses feeds to verify the presence of the claim token or the unique code. Once you click Check Claim you will get message like "Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati. We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting final review." You will also get message in your email id also.

Now you can delete the test post from your blog. If you have mentioned the claim token or the unique code in your previous post then edit your post and remove the claim token or the unique code and republish.

Usually it takes 2-3 days to claim your blog and to see in Technorati directory. If you have not submitted your blog on technorati then follow the above process and enjoy claiming your blog.
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