How To Submit Your Blog To Bing Search Engine

Search engines help to draw traffic to your blog. More traffic your blog get, your blog become more popular. Everyone wants to get listed in the top search engines to get more traffics to their blogs. To get more traffic to your blog you need to submit your blog to different search engines like Google. Although Google plays a pivotal role to provide traffic to any website or blog.

To get listed your website in Bing you need to click submit your Site to Bing. Now you need to type your blog's homepage url address and then type the captcha code and then click Submit. Once you click you will get a message like "Your request was successfully submitted." 

Like Google Webmaster Tool Bing also have webmaster tool. Now you need to check whether your site is indexed or not you need to register with your existing email id on Bing Webmaster Tools.  If you are registered with Microsoft then no need to register again. You can use that account to login to Bing Webmaster Tools.

After login to your Bing Webmaster Tools you need to click verify Now located right side against your site to verify your ownership for your blog. There are many process to verify your site. You can copy verify your site copying and pasting the <meta> tag code to your site between <head> </head>. Now you need to click Verify button on the Bing Webmaster Tools. Your site is verified and it is listed on Bing now.



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