How To Add Facebook Follow Button To Blogger

Facebook follow button allows your blog reader to follow your public updates on Facebook. Almost every blogger want to add Facebook follow button or Facebook like button to their blog. You can add Facebook follow button to your blog in two ways.

Process 1.

You can add Facebook follower button after login to your facebook account. To add from your facebook account just follow the below steps. At first login to your Facebook account and then click settings icon looks like gear and then click Account Settings.

Now you need to click Followers located left hand side and then select the checkbox against Turn on Follow.


Once you select, you will see the codes against Follow Plugin. Copy the code and login to your blogger account.

If you have multiple blog then select the desired one and then click Layout. Click Add a Gadget and find and click HTML/JavaScript.

Paste the code in the box below Content. And then click Save. You can move your gadget to suitable place on the layout. After that click Save arrangement. Now Facebook follow button appears on you blog. That's it!

Process 2.

In the process 2 you can add Facebook follow button from Facebook developers social plugins. To add from Facebook developers click here. Here you need to enter your Facebook profile URL address and then click Get Code. Your code will be created in a HTML5. Now click IFRAME and copy the code. Now login to your blogger account and do the rest of the steps.

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