How To Delete Google Plus Account

Google+ is launched on June 28, 2011 by search engine giant Google. And after its launched demand of Google+ is gradually increasing among internet users and it becomes the second largest social networking website in the world after facebook in January 2013. It has 500 million registered users as of May, 2013. For someone Google+ is an alternatives social network to facebook and for other it is only a social networking website.

Like facebook or twitter, any Google+ user can delete their Google+ account easily. Google provides unique feature to their users. Since Google provides multiple accounts with a single password so it is easy to change account settings from anywhere and easy to delete Google+ account from anywhere. Google+ account can be deleted from anywhere like Gmail, YouTube, Google+. Here this article helps you to delete Google+ account from Gmail, Google+, YouTube.

Process 1 : Delete Google+ Account From Gmail

Step 1. To delete your Google+ account from Gmail first login to your Gmail account. After that click gear icon located top of right side below of your profile image & + Share button.

Step 2. After that click Settings.

Step 3. Click Accounts

Step 4. Click Other Google Accounts Settings.

Step 5. click Google+ located left hand side

Step 6. Scroll down to bottom of the page. You will find Disable Google+ option. Click here against you can disable Google+ (or delete your entire Google profile) here sentence.

Step 7. Select radio button against Delete Google+ content

Step 8. Scroll down and select check box against "Required: I understand that deleting this service can't be undone and the data I delete can't be restored" and then click "Remove selected services."

Step 9. Click Submit.

Process 2 : Delete Google+ Account From Google+

A. login to your Google+ account.

B. Bring mouse pointer to Home button located top of left hand side.

C. Bring mouse pointer vertically to Settings and click there.


D. Here you will need to do all the steps from step 6 to step 9 of Process 1.

Process 3. Delete Google+ Account From YouTube

To delete your Google+ account from YouTube at first you need to login to your YouTube account. After login click on your profile image located extremely top of right side of the window and then click Settings. Once you click Settings, you will switched to Step 5. Now do the remaining steps from Step 5 to Step 9. Once you complete the steps, your Google+ account is deleted.

Process 4. Shortcut Process 

Here you will skip the first 6 steps of Process 1. You just need to do the remaining 3 steps only. Just login to your Google+ account and click on the following image and do the step 7 to step 9 of Process 1.

N.B - Be sure that your YouTube account is not personalized with your Google+ account. If your YouTube account is personalized with your Google+ profile then all your YouTube videos status become private. Deleting your Google+ account change Privacy settings of your YouTube videos. You need to change the privacy settings from Private to Public for each video.

In this video you will learn how to delete Google+ account from Google+.

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