How To Delete Your Google Plus Page

Like your Google+ profile you can create and delete your Google+ page. If you have created a page on Google+ and if not satisfied with your page statistics then you can delete your page. It is not very tough to delete your Google plus page. But if you are new on Google+, you may feel tough to delete your Google+ page.

When Google+ was launched by Google, the process was different. Here I will show you how to delete your Google+ page in the new Google+ template. To delete your Google plus page in the new template just follow the below steps. Lets go to the steps.

Step 1. Login to your Google+ account.

Step 2. Click Home button or bring mouse pointer on Home button. See the below image.

Step 3. When you place mouse pointer on Home button you will able to see various options. From that you need to select Pages located downside. See the below image.

Step 4. Once you click Pages you will switched to your Google+ page. Now you need to click Manage this page. See the below image.

Step 5. Now click More and then select Settings. See the below image.

Step 6. Scroll down and click Delete page

Step 7. Again click Delete page. Once you click you Google+ page will be deleted successfully.

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