How To Get Listed Your Blog In Google

Since Google is the search engine giants so every website owner wants to get listed in Google. If somehow you can add your website or blog to Google, you get heavy traffics to your website. To get listed your website in Google you can use their own Add URL form here.

To add your website url just click the above link and register with your valid email id. If you are a Gmail user then no need to register. Just login with you Gmail username and password. After all both are Google products so need to register separately. Google has feature to login with your Gmail username and password to their all products.

Google also admits that they may not add every site. So don't be surprised if this does not work for you. Another method to get listed in Google is to be linked from another website which is already in Google. That way, when Google's spider goes to visit that site for updates, it will pick up the link to your site and add it. This method does not always work, but many sites get listed in this way.

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