How To Upload Custom Template on Blogger

Blogger has different category templates like Simple, Travel, Ethereal, Picture Window, Watermark, Awesome Inc, Dynamic Views. But these templates are not looks like a professional template. Although blogger has dynamic views, but these templates are also not like a professional template. That's why blogger are start using professional templates. In today's world from a professional website owner to a blogger everyone want to use a professional template. A professional template gives an attractive & awesome look to a blog and help bloggers to get some extra traffic. Although blog contents are more important to get traffic to a blog.

If you are a developer, you can develop your own template. But if you aren't, then you take others help. If your aren't a developer then no need to worry! There are numerous professional templates available on internet. Most are free. You just need to find the best one. Once you get your desired template, download it to your computer. Now you need to upload it your blogger's blog. To upload your custom template to your blogger's blog, you need to perform few steps.

But remember one thing. Before changing or uploading your custom template, take backup of your blog's template and your blog data as well. It helps you to recover your blog data and template from an unexpected error. Now do the below steps to upload your custom template.

Steps to download blog data

Step 1. Login to your blogger account.

Step 2. Click Settings located left hand side.

Step 3. Click Other under Settings.

Step 4. Click Export blog.

Step 5. Click Download Blog. Your blog data will be start downloading.

Steps to Download / Upload template

Step 1. Login to your blogger account.

Step 2. Now click Template located left hand side

Step 3. Click Backup / Restore.

Step 4. Click Download full template to take backup of your blog's template.

Step 5. After taking backup of your blog's data and blog's template you need to upload your custom template. Now again click Backup / Restore.

Step 6. Click Choose File to select your custom template from your computer.

Step 7. After browsing your custom template, click Upload located below Choose File to upload your custom template.

If your template is well-formed & parsed all condition and then it is uploaded. Otherwise you will get an error message like mine. You need to check your custom templates and remove all possible errors and try to upload again with the help of the above process.

That's it! Thanks for reading. Please share your views on the same. Share the post with your friends on social media. Your one comment and one share can appreciate me lot.
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