Get 10 TB Tencent Cloud Storage Absolutely Free

A few months ago search engine giant Goggle has increased storage capacity of its service Google Drive from 5 GB to 15 GB. Just this week Microsoft upgraded its SkyDrive's storage from 7 GB to 25 GB. When Google has announced to increase the storage capacity of Google Drive, I had written in my blog that it may be exceed 100 GB (Gigabyte) or more within few months.

And just after few months we have got 10 TB (Terabyte) cloud storage. Right! 10 Terabyte cloud storage. You are hear  right. You will get 10 TB cloud storage absolutely free. This is the competition on the internet who will offer maximum cloud storage and this benefits us. This is the era of technology. Anything could be happen at anytime.

Who will provide 10 TB free storage?

Have you ever heard the name Tencent? I think no. Many of us don't heard this name. Tencent is a Chinese tech company and it offers 10TB free cloud storage surpassing its Chinese rival Baidu & Qihoo. A whopping 10 times more than Baidu & Qihoo. Both Baidu & Qihoo offers 1TB cloud storage. Tencent also makes Google, Microsoft, Dropbox to feel shame.

However you won't get 10 TB free space at once. You will get it step by step. 1 TB space you will get immediately after sign up with Tencent's (Weiyun) Promo Site. The below table demonstrates how this works. The first row in the table refers the used storage space and the second row in the table refers to the auto top-up amounts in your cloud storage.

How to get 10 TB?

Everyone need to sign up with Tencent QQ account with the help of Tencent's (Weiyun) Promo Site. Click the link Tencent's (Weiyun) Promo Site and download the latest version of Tencent Cloud mobile app. Just after sign up you will get an email to activate your account. Now login to your email id and either click the link or copy and paste the link on the address bar of your browser to activate your account.

Once your email account is activated you will is receive 1TB space immediately. And as the amount of space in your cloud storage increases, Tencent will top up your storage space automatically, up to a maximum of 10 TB.

Since it is a Chinese company so the contents of the website is in Chinese language and it is much more difficult to understand without your prior knowledge of Chinese language. You can use Google translator to translate this page into english. Sometimes it won't able to translate also. You can try your hand now.

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