Faces of Facebook : Can You Find Your Face?

Faces of Facebook is a new interactive tool developed by "Creative Technologist" Natalia Rojas. Natalia has developed this project using various programming language like CSS, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, EaselJS, Ajax, FB API, PHP and MySQL. Faces of Facebook uses Facebook's API to display a chronological collage of 1.2 million facebook profile photos.

You can also termed Faces of Facebook, a sea of black and white dots where each dot signifies facebook profile face. It collects 1.2 billion photos of facebook users. When you visit this site you will see only black and white dots which remembers the noise of analog TV. The dots are clickable and linked to facebook profile faces. Can you find yourself among 1.2 billion facebook faces?

How could you find yourself?

Faces of Facebook collects 1.2 billion profile photos of facebook users and display the profiles in chronological timeline order. It is very hard ti find your face among 1.2 billion facebook faces. Can you imagine who is the first dot. No. Don't worry! Its founder of facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Just look at the picture below you will find the first face FACE #1.

Now how could you find yourself among 1.2 billion faces? If you find your face clicking on the black and white dots you may become old to get your face. To find your face on Faces of Facebook, first login to your facebook account and then click here. You will be switched to faces of facebook site. Now you need to click the balloon icon located top right corner and then click Connect. Give permission to use your facebook data to Share a post on your facebook timeline. After that your facebook face will appear as a black colour balloon. Once you click the balloon you will able to see your facebook face in rounded by a circle. Try yourself to find your face.
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