How To Create Multiple Twitter Accounts With A Single Email Address

Can you run multiple Twitter accounts with single email? If no, then you must feel boar to control all your email address keep alive. Could you ever think that how could you control all your Twitter account with a single email address? If you had never thought then its time to think. From the point of Twitter view, it does not allow users to create multiple Twitter account with the same email address.

Although twitter does not allow to create multiple account with same email address but there is a trick which can delude Twitter and  hep you to create multiple Twitter accounts with your single email address. The trick is nothing. Just you have to know the nature of your email address & Twitter.

Nature of Gmail

You can't create multiple Twitter accounts rather than Gmail id. Only Gmail allows you to create multiple Twitter accounts. Because the nature of Gmail is different from other email addresses. Gmail does not care about symbols like dot (.) or plus (+). No matter where you put this symbols. Remember, you just need to put anywhere inside your username.

For example if your email address is Now if i use or or, Gmail considers all these email as same email address. This is the positive nature of Gmail.

Nature of Twitter

Now comes to the nature of Twitter. If you have already registered with Twitter with your email id then you can't use the same email address on twitter to create another Twitter account. When you want to create another Twitter account then Twitter automatically checks whether the email address is registered already or not. And if it is found registered already then you will get the following message that "This email is already registered. Want to login or recover your password?" This is the nature of twitter. Now just put symbols like dot (.) or plus (+) inside your username and retry again. This time Twitter will consider this email address as different and now you are able to create your another Twitter account.
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