How To Earn Money From Internet Without Any Investment

All of us want to earn some extra cash during our leisure time. But how many can earn? Very less. Because of proper knowledge. Many of us don't know where and and how to earn some extra bucks. But when it comes to earn from internet. Many of us ask me how? Can it be possible to earn money from internet? Of course any one can earn from internet.

Today's all the world concentrate on internet. User of internet is increasing day by day. No one knows where it stops. Many of us always search how to earn money from internet. But how many gets success? Very less.

There are many process to earn money from internet. But it is very difficult to find out which one is reliable. In many times what happens, when you have completed your work for a site or a company you never get paid. You were cheated. Your all hard works went in smoke. So first you need to find out the right one. You May Like : Neobux : The Best Online Money Making Site

Before going to the main point I want to share my experience. Before becoming a blogger I have tried my luck on many PTC (Paid To Click) sites. I have spent may times to search internet to find reliable sites. I have got information about many PTC sites. Among the list there are many sites readbud, buxto, Neobux, Probux, ZapBux, NeatClix, 88bux,  ClixSense, Shabux and many more. From the PTC sites earning is very less. I found Readbud, Clixtoo and some other sites are scam site. They did not pay me even when I my account reached the threshold value.

Blogging is the best option on internet to earn some extra cash from your leisure time. Now a days blogging becomes more popular among internet user. As a blogger you need to write contents on your favourite topics. But remember choose only those where you are almost an expert. If you become good blogger definitely you can earn some handsome cash from your blog. 

There are many free hosting sites on internet where you can host your contents free of cost. Blogger, Weebly, WordPress, Hpage and many more. All are provides free hosting as well as free sub-domain. You need to just register yourself with your existing email address. Once you get your free sub-domain, read the page carefully and start posting your contents.

After posting 20 -30 page on your blog apply for Google AdSense, Infolink. You can their minimum requirements for approval your account. And once your account has been approved, you will fly in the sky. Just copy the  HTML code provided by them and paste anywhere inside your contents. 

Video has the lots of potential to earn more money than your contents. Make your own video and upload on YouTube. Once your video gets almost 1000 visitors without meeting copyright violation then you will get notification from YouTube that you are able to monetize your video. If you have approved Google AdSense account already then link your your existing Google AdSense account with your YouTube account. Now see the results. Your earning will start reaching zenith point. 

You can advertise your blog or video with Google AdWords. Sinse Google is the most reliable search engine and almost 80% to 90% traffic to any website comes from Google. You can also use AdWords before apply to Google AdSense or Infolink. 

If your account is not approved by Google AdSense or Infolink then what to do? Don't worry! See the reason for disapproval and if possible try again. If again your account is disapproved you have another option to earn money. Apply for Commission Junction and look for advertiser. Definitely you will get someone. Copy their HTML code and paste inside your contents.

If your blog draws several visitors then you can also sell some space of blog. It also helps you to earn money from your blog. Hope this will help you all a lot. Don't forget to leave your comment. Your one comment appreciate me lot.
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