How To Get Google Plus Custom URL Address

First you have to know what custom URL? An URL is an acronym of Uniform Resource Locator. And a custom URL is a short web address of your profile or page which is easy to remember. This new feature of Google + help Google + users to get a custom profile or page URL  address. This feature gives relief to Google + users to remembering their profile or page URL address. Now with the help of custom URL address any one can easily remember their profile or page address. This facility gives more flexibility to Google + users.

Before getting my custom URL address for my Google + page my URL address was Is it possible anyone to remember this? I think no. Lets discuss what are requirements to get a custom Google + URL.


There are some requirements to get a custom URL address for your profile or page. According to Google support your profile must be in good standing and must meet the below requirements.
  • Your profile must be 1 month (30 days) old.
  • Your profile or page must have a profile picture.
  • Your profile or page must have 10 or more followers.

How to Get it

If your profile pass all the above requirements then you will get a message with a link in your email. You will also get a link on your profile or page. Click Get URL

After that you need to enter some extra characters in the space provided in the pop up window. It is required only when someone already have similar address. After that click check box to accept the term of service and the click Change URL.
A confirmation message window appears. Click Confirm Choice. Once you click your profile or page URL address is changed.

After that you will get a congratulation message. In my case I did not have to verify my account. Because my account was verified earlier.

If your Google + profile is not verified yet then you will be asked to verify your account through SMS. To verify your account through SMS, you need to enter your mobile number. But remember one thing, before entering your mobile number you need to select your country and then click Send Code.

Once you get the code in your mobile, enter that code to verify your account and then click Verify. Once your account is verified your profile or page URL address is changed.

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