How To Add email Subscription Widget To Your Blog or Website

E-Mail subscription allows your subscribers to get an update notification regarding your new blog post through email. When you  have published a new post in your blog or website your subscribers will get a  notification through email. They no need to visit your blog regularly for update information. With the help of e-mail subscription, subscribers can easily receive newsletters, updates of your blog. Therefore, it is most important to add a subscriber button to your blog or website.

You can add a subscriber button as a link or as a widget. There are various method to add subscriber button to your blog. But the easiest one is FeedBurner. FeedBurner is a web feed management service provided by Google. FeedBurner collects latest contents / information from your blog and deliver to your subscribers. You can use FeedBurner's email subscriber code as a link or as widget. 

Steps to add FeedBurner widget to your blog

Step 1. Type on the address bar of your browser and hit Enter on the keyboard.

Step 2. Enter your email id and password and then click Sign in or press Enter on the keyboard.

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Step 3. Type your blog's URL address.

Step 4. If you are podcaster then click the check box and then click Next.

Step 5. Click Next.

Step 6. Again click Next.

Step 7. Again click Next.

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Step 9. Click Next.

Now your FeedBurner feed is updated successfully and it is ready for the world.

Step 10. Click Publicize.

Step 11. Click Email Subscriptions.

Step 12. Click Activate.

Step 13. If your blog is published on Blogger then select Blogger from drop-down menu against Use a widget in or copy the code and then click Go.

Step 14. Once you have clicked Go it will redirect to Blogger to add a widget. If you have multiple blogs created on Blogger  then select the desired blog where you want to add Email Subscription widget.

Step 15. Click Add Widget.

Step 16. Once you click Add Widget, Email Subscription widget is added to your Layout.

Step 17. Now click Save arrangement.

That's it. Now your turn. Try it to your blog.

Watch This Video also.

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