How To Park Your Unused Domain Names For Sale

Many of us has habit of collecting attractive domain names. Although they have never used that domains. Don't waste your unused domains. You can earn some handsome cash by selling your unused domains. In some cases a domain can be sold from a few hundred dollars to thousands dollars. If your domain name is unique you will earn thousands of dollars.

Have you ever heard IG.COM, KK.COM, 114.COM, FIX.COM ? Do you imagine at what price these domains were sold? Many of us never heard these names and never heard the story of sold price of these domain names.
IG.COM was sold at Igloo / NetNames for $4,700,000 on 9/11/2013. was sold at $450,000 via Here is the list of top 100 domain names sold on various auctions published by DN Journals. This list realize you to sell your unused domains. Before proceed to sell your domain, you must have to remember some following points.

First, to sell your domain name you must have to set affordable price for your domain. Many sellers fails to sell their domain just because of the overprice. Only a company shows interest to purchase an overpriced domain. But in one case, if that domain name is most suitable for that company. Individuals are not showing any interest to buy an overprice domains. You have to choose affordable price for your domain so that individuals can also show interest to purchase it.

.com domain names are likely to sell fast rather than .info, .net, .org, .in, etc. .com domain name also give you more profit than .info, .net, .org, .in, etc. Everyone try to buy single word and hottest domain names like,, Dictionary words are also has more demand.

Where to sell your domain name

Now a days there are many sites which help you to sell your domain names. You can sell your domain on GoDaddy, Sedo, eBay, Afternic, GreatDomains, NameJet etc. sites. You can also sell your domain names where you have registered your domain already. If your domain is registered on GoDaddy then you can also sell your domain with GoDaddy auction. Otherwise, according to me the best option is Sedo. Sedo is the most popular site where you can park your domain for sale also.

How to sell your domain name

Once you decide to sell your domain name then you have to park your domain name for sale. If you want more profit then sale your domain directly to buyers without giving commission to middleman. There is more chance to get more profit.

Otherwise, you have to park your domain on GoDaddy, Sedo, GreatDomains, NameJet to sell your domain name. Sedo has the largest market place in the world and also has a escrow service for domain names buyers and sellers. eBay is also the most popular place to sell your domain name.

How to park your domain name for sale

In this section, I will show you with one example, how to park your domain names for sale on Before parking your domain on Sedo you must be registered member of Sedo. If you are not a registered member then register yourself with your valid email address. After registering on Sedo, you must have to verify your account with a phone call. After verification of your account, login to your account and click My Sedo and then click Add Domain.

After that, in the Option 1: you need to type your domain name for example This is one of my domain which I have parked for sale on If you want to list multiple domain names for sale then enter all your domain names separated by comma, space or link break.

In the Option 2: you need to click the checkbox to accept User Agreement and Guidelines and after that click Go to Step 2.

Once you click you will get suggested price for your domain name. If you want to set that price for your domain name then click arrow against the suggested price otherwise set according to you. To set price of your domain name click in the price box and then type your price. Once you set the price of your domain name, click Go to Step 3. In step 3, you need to select your domain registrar from the drop-down menu. After that click Finish Adding Domains.

After that you need to point your domain name to Just login to your domain registrar and change the name server with Sedo's name server.

Configuring registrar's name server

My domain is registered on

Primary Name Server     :     NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM
Secondary Name Server  :     NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM

If your domain is registered on other domain name registrar then you need to configure the name server of your registrar with Sedo's name server with NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM and  NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM

Configuring GoDaddy Nameservers

Now you need to change the GoDaddy name server with Sedo name server. To change the name server you need to do the below steps.

Step 1. Login to your GoDaddy account
Step 2. After login, click DOMAINS

Step 3. Once you click DOMAINS, you will able to see the details of your domain like expire date, registration type. Now you need to click Launch

Step 4. Once you click Launch, you will able to see the SETTINGS, DNS ZONE FILE and CONTACTS. Under the SETTINGS tab, there is Nameservers. Now you need to click Manage option of Nameservers.

Step 5. Once you click Manage option, Nameserver Settings window opens. Now click Custom to add the Sedo nameservers.

Step 6. After that you need to click ADD NAMESERVER

Step 7. Now you need to enter the Sedo's nameserver in the Add Nameserver window and then click OK

Step 8. After that GoDaddy's default nameserver will be replaced with Sedo's nameser. Now click Save button to save the changes.

Watch the below video to see how do I park my domain on and how do I customize GoDaddy's name server with Sedo's name server?

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