How To Add / Remove Blogger Navigation Bar

Navbar is an acronym of Navigation bar. By default blogger navigation bar is always enable for every blogger's blog and it is visible at the top of every blogger. It is a special kind of bar where you can add / remove some special kind of links and display onto the navigation bar of your blog so that blog readers can easily navigate from one link to another. Many bloggers display Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ follow link and Google search box in the navigation bar.

By default blogger's navigation bar is located extremely top of your blogger blog and display Blogger Icon (B), Search box, Google+ share icon, More (also used to share blog), Next Blog  links on the left hand side and Create Blog and Sign In link on the right hand side. For your reference I am uploaded blogger's default navigation bar. See the below image. Read also : how to add AdSense ad below blogger post title.

Blogger navbar has both advantages and disadvantages simultaneously.

Advantages of blogger navbar

  • When you click on the blogger icon B which is located extremely left of navbar, you will switch to
  • Next to blogger icon B, there is a Search box. Using this search you can search other blogs
  • Next to Search box, there is Google+ share button. This button is used to share your blog to Google+
  • Next to Google+ share button, there is More. More button contain Share by email, Share with Twitter, Share with Facebook and Report Abuse.
  • Next to More, there is Next Blog>> icon. It is used to switch to recently updated blogger blog
There is not much more disadvantage of navbar. The only disadvantage of navbar is visual.

By default blogger's navigation bar is always visible to everyone. But blogger navbar is usually hidden in the third party templates. If you don't want to display your blogger navigation bar then you need to customize your blogger template. There are two methods through which you can customize your blogger navigation bar. In this post I will show you both the methods. Read also : Tez Payment App for India.

To Add / Remove blogger navigation bar you need to follow all the below steps. For your reference image is also attached so that you can easily understand the steps. Lets start!

Method 1 : Using Layout

Step 1. At first you need to Login to your blogger account
Step 2. Click Layout located left hand side of your dashboard
Step 3. After that you will all your gadgets of your blog. Navbar gadget is located top of the layout. You also see Edit option against each gadget. Now click Edit against Navbar gadget. For your reference see the below image.

Step 4. After clicking Edit against Navbar, Navbar configuration popup window opens. Here you need to select the radio button against Off. If you don't the Off button then scroll down. Read also : How to setup AdSense matched content ad unit.

Step 5. After selecting the radio button against Off, click Save button to save the configuration.

Step 6. After that click Save arrangement on the Layout. Once you do it navbar is removed from your blog.

This is the easiest method. Whenever you want to get back navbar just follow the above the steps and instead of Off select anyone style of navbar from the above image. After that Save your changes. 

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Method 2 : Using Template

In this method you can remove the navbar by adding some CSS code in your blogger template. You need to do the following steps. 

Step 1. First Login to your account 
Step 2. Click Template located left hand side of blogger dashboard
Step 3. After the click Edit HTML
Step 4. Click anywhere inside the code area
Step 5. Press Ctrl + F on the keyboard to get search box
Step 6. Type ]]></b:skin> in the inside search box
Step 7. Just above ]]></b:skin> code you have to insert the following code

#navbar {
display: none! important;

Step 8. After that click Save template.

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