How To Add / Play YouTube Playlist To Your Blog / Website

Embedding YouTube video or Playlist help readers to watch your YouTube videos directly from your blog / website. Readers no need to switch to YouTube to watch your videos. Embedding YouTube videos to your blog / website allows you to customize width and height by changing the default width and height of your YouTube videos. It means you can customize width and height according to yourself. You can customize according to your web space.

Adding YouTube playlist to your blog / website have two different parts. Once is YouTube and the another is Blog. At first you need to work on YouTube and then after you need to work on your Blog. To add / play YouTube playlist to your blog / website you need to follow the below steps. Let's go! Read also : how to add AdSense ad below blogger post title.

YouTube Part

Step 1. First you need to Login to your YouTube account. If you do not have a YouTube account then create using your valid email id.

Step 2. After Login to your YouTube account click your profile image or profile name which is located extremely top of right corner and then click Video Manager

Step 3. After that click Playlists located left side.

Step 4. If you do not have created any playlist then click New playlists to create your playlist.

Step 5. Type the name of your playlist and click Create.

Step 6. Now you will see your playlist without any video. Now you need to add videos to your playlist. Now click Add video to video to your playlist.

Step 7. Now you have three options Video Search, URL, Your YouTube videos to add videos to your playlist. The easiest is to select Your YouTube videos. Once you click Your YouTube videos, you will able to see your all uploaded videos. Read also : Google Tez Payment App.

Step 8. Now you need to select the desired video and then click Select. Remember you can add only one video at a time. To add more videos to your playlist again start from Step 6.

Step 9. Once your YouTube playlist is ready click Share button and then click Embed 

Step 10. You will see codes of your playlist. Now you need to Copy the codes.

YouTube part ends here. Now you need to switch to Blogger part.

Blogger Part

Step 11. Once you copied the YouTube playlist's codes Login to your Blog with your username and password.

Step 12. Once Login to your Blogger blog click Layout which is located left side. Read also : How to setup AdSense auto ads.

Step 13. On the Layout you need to click Add a Gadget

Step 14. Once you click Add a Gadget, a POP up window opens.

Step 15. On the POP up window you need to find and select HTML/JavaScript.

Step 16. In the HTML/JavaScript configure window paste the YouTube playlist's copied code in the content box and then click Save button to this gadget.

Now click Save arrangement to save the changes in Layout. Now click View blog to see the playlist on your blog. There is also a Playlist button on the embedded code. By clicking the Playlist button you can choose and play the desired video from the Playlist. Read also : How to make your blog push notification ready.

That's it. Now its your turn. Try to your blog.

Here is a video for your reference.

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