How To Check How Many Views Your Google+ Profile

There are many social networking sites like Google+, Facebook. But very less has this unique feature what Google + has. If I ask you, have you ever tried to check how many views your Google+ profile and how you can find this value? Many of you say don't know how to find it. This is not a hard tutorial. It is very very simple to find number of Google + profile views. There is a simple tricks.

I have tried to find my Facebook profile views but did not get the results. Because Facebook do not provide this feature. In this tutorial, I will show you this tips, how to find number of Google+ profile views. It is a four steps process. No need to do hard work for this. Just follow these three steps and gets number of your profile views. So lets start! Read also : how to add AdSense ad below blogger post title.

Step 1. First you need to login to your  your Google+ profile with your existing email address.

Step 2. Place mouse pointer on Home button located extremely left side of your profile. Once you place mouse pointer on Home button you will see the menus like Profile, People, Photos, Communities, Events etc. Read also : How to shutdown windows computer automatically

Step 3. Click Profile button. Once you click Profile button, you will switch to your profile page.

Step 4. Once you switched to your profile you will able to see the number of follower and number of profile views. Read also : How to schedule android phone to turn on/off automatically.

You can also check the followers & number of profile views in other ways. For that you need to just scroll down the page. Once you scroll down, you will able to see the number of your profile followers and number of profile views and near the notification bell located top of right corner. Read also : How to fix 404 (page not found) error

That's it. I was shocked when I have seen number of my profile views. I have never thought that my profile and my profile contents has been viewed more than 4 lac times. See the above image. You will be happy to see yours. Read also : How to make your blog push notification ready.

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