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Google has recently added a new feature to its search results and due to that some verified content creator's headshot and byline displayed along with their content links in the search results. This is all happens due to Google Authorship. Google Authorship is the new feature recently added to Google search results. Google Authorship helps to display headshot along with links of the content in the search results.

Why Google Authorship is Important

Google Authorship is important for many reasons. Firstly, it displays your image in the search results with the content links. Secondly, it draws attraction of searchers. Thirdly, displaying your image in the search results will increase the probability to be clicked on your link. Fourthly, it proves that you are a real content writer. Fifthly, it helps to get more visitors to your blog / website.Read also : Tez payment app for India.

How to setup Google Authorship

Although it is not a tough process that you won't do it for your blog or website. To setup Google Authorship you must have a verified Google + profile with your profile picture. After that you need to connect your Google + profile with your blog / website. Google Authorship is only works by creating a link between your content and Google + profile. Google Authorship works for multiple blog authors. If your blog / website has multiple authors then each author has to connect their Google + profile with their content. There are mainly two different ways to setup Google Authorship. 

Process 1 : Verified Email Address

Google wants to know that your account is legit. You must have an email address on the same domain as your content. For example if your blog / website domain is then you must have an email address on if you have an email on the same domain name then Sign up for Authorship. Just enter the email address and click Sign up for Authorship.

Process 2 : Link From Your Google + Profile to Your Content

If  you doesn't have a email address on the same domain name as your content then you can setup by adding a special link to your blog / webpage like this :

<a href='">Maniruddin Mansuri</a>

115663078255490264400 is my Google + profile number. Now You need to replace 115663078255490264400 with your own Google + profile number. Also your link must contain ?rel=author parameter. If this parameter is missing Google will not be able to associate your content with your Google + profile. Read also : how to add AdSense ad below blogger post title.

For WordPress users there is a plugin available for managing this process. You need to install it first. Once installed you need to add your Google+ profile URL to your user profile.

After that you need to add your blog / website URL to the Contributor to list of your Google + profile. To do so login to your Google + profile click Edit under Link section.

After that click Add custom link under Contributor to. Enter your blog / website name in the Label box after that enter the blog / website URL address for example After that click Save to change the settings. After a little while favicon icon of your blog / website will appear left side of your blog / website name. It gives clear indication that your blog / website is connected with Google + profile.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Google webmaster tools help you to test whether Google Authorship is working for your content or not. After setting up Google Authorship click Structured Data Test Tool to test whether Google Authorship is working or not. Just enter the URL of your content and click Preview. If Google Authorship works, you will see your profile picture along with byline of your content.

Note For Publishers

Publishers can also connect their blog / website with their Google + page just by adding the following link to their blog / website like this

<a href='">YouTube</a>

+YouTube is Google + brand page name. Now you need to replace it with your own Google +  brand page name. Here the parameter should be ?rel=publisher instead of ?rel=author.

That's it!. Thanks for reading. Please share your views on the same. Share the post with your friends on social media. Your one share can appreciate me lot.
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