How To Reduce Space Between Post Gadget & Sidebar Gadgets

I have already told that blogger is a flexible blogging platform where new blogger  can do things easily unlike WordPress and other blogging platforms. Unlike other blogging platform you can easily customize blogger templates according to yourself. If you have a little bit knowledge of HTML then you can easily edit any part of your blog.

You can Lock and Unlock gadgets, Add or Remove widgets from your defaults template. In this tutorial, I will show you how to reduce space between blogger blog post gadget and sidebar gadgets. So lets start!

Important Note!

Always remember one thing. Before changing or doing anything with template or uploading a custom template, always take backup of your blog's template and your blog's data as well. It helps you to recover your blog data and template from an unexpected error.

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How To Download Blogger Data

Steps To Reduce Space Between Post Gadget & Sidebar Gadgets

Step 1. First login to your blogger account.

Step 2. Click Template which located left side

Step 3. Click Edit HTML. Once you click Edit HTML, you will able to see the codes of your blog's template.

Click anywhere inside the codes

Step 5. Press Ctrl + F on the keyboard to get search box.

Step 6. Type /* Widgets inside the search box that you have got by pressing Ctrl + F. Read also : how to add AdSense ad below blogger post title.

Step 7. Hit Enter on the keyboard to switch to /* Widgets. You will see codes like below codes

/* Widgets
----------------------------------------------- */
.main-inner .section {
  margin: 0 25px;
  padding: 0;

Now you need to decrease the margin value from 25 to 15 or the value that suits for your log. The above margin value 25 mar vary depending upon your template.

Step 8. After changing the value click Save template.

That's it! If your blog template has extra space between post gadget and sidebar gadgets then try this method to reduce extra space now. Now enjoy this video.

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