Google Adds Campaigns & Creator Studio Button To Blogger & YouTube

I had been suffering from Typhoid and Jaundice from 1st June and due to that I was not in touch with my system and due to that could not post anything to my blog. I had to take 3 salines and continuously taking medicines. Although I do recover from Typhoid and Jaundice, I am feeling comfort now but still there is weakness in my body.

Campaigns, Title Link, Enclosure Link button on Blogger

During this period there Google has made some changes in their associated products. When I login to my blogger account today, I have noticed that there is a new button called Campaigns among the blogger dashboard menus. This Campaigns button is linked to Google AdWords. From now blogger can promote their blog directly from blogspot. Read also : how to add AdSense ad below blogger post title.

Adding this Campaigns button to blogger dashboard is a smart idea developed by Google to encourage blogger to use AdWords to promote their blogs. When bloggers login to their blogger blog they will easily notice the Campaigns button which always remember the bloggers to promote their blogs.

To promote your blog, just click on Campaigns button and then click Start now. Once you click Start now, you will switch to Google AdWords home page, there you need to create your ad campaign. But remember Campaigning is not free. You need to pay Google to promote your blog. Read also : How to setup AdSense matched content ad unit.

Google also made few changes in blogger Post settings located below Publish, Save, Preview and Close buttons. Permalink remains same like before. But there is two new buttons namely Title Link and Enclosure Link.

Permalink is the URL of the blog post. Blogger can either automatically generate this URL based on the content of the post title, or you can customize the URL manually.
Title Link is the link that link your post title to a specific URL, or leave blank to link the title to your post.

Enclosure Link is the link that help you make podcasts, MP3s, and other content in your posts playable in feeds like RSS and Atom. Blogger users can add as many as Enclosure Links.

Creator Studio on YouTube

When I login to my YouTube account I noticed only Upload button, notification bell icon and profile image  in the right hand side of top corner. YouTube profile name is missing from that place. When I click on my profile image, I was really shocked to see creator studio button. There was no My channel, Video Manager, Subscriptions, YouTube settings, Profile, Google+, Privacy, Settings, Sign out. Switch account buttons. Instead of some of these buttons there is a Creator Studio which linked to the YouTube dashboard.Read also : How to track lost/stolen mobile phone and erase data remotely.

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