How To Transfer Blogger Ownership To Someone Else

We all know that blogger is more flexible than any other blogging platform. Blogger template is easily customized like other blogging platform. If you are planning to sell your blogger blog or wish to transfer the ownership of your blogger blog to your co-author of your blog then you are at the place to learn how you can transfer your blogger blog to someone else. Read also : How to decorate text with shadow effects using CSS.

This tips help you to keep your Google account ID with you save and secure i.e, you do not have to supply your Google account ID to buyer or the co-author of your blog. It is always advice to keep your Google account ID save and secure at any cost.

Steps to Transfer Ownership

Step 1. At first you need to login to your Blogger account

Step 2. If you have multiple blogs then select the desired blog

Step 3. After that click Settings in the menu located left hand side

Step 4. After clicking on Settings, you will find Permissions. If your blog has co-authors already then you can easily make your co-author as admin of your blog. Otherwise, if you do not have any co-authors then click + Add authors under Permissions and enter the email address of the person to whom you want to transfer the ownership of your blog. You may enter more email addresses separated by commas, if you would like to have your blog more than one new owner. Read also : How to put AdSense ad below blogger post

Step 5. Once you entered the email address, click Invite authors.

Step 6. Once you have click Invite authors, a confirmation link has been sent to the invitee or the person to whom you want to transfer the ownership of your blog.

Step 7. You can also tell the new owner to check his / her email address to accept the invitation. Once the new owner get the confirmation link in his / her email, he must click Accept invitation button of the confirmation email. Again he / she need to click Accept invitation button.
Once the new owner click the Accept invitation button then the new owner become an co-author of your blog. This 7 steps are pre step of ownership transfer of your blogger blog. In this way you can add co-author on your blogger blog. Now let's go to transfer the ownership of your blogger blog to the new co-author. Read also : How to make money online from home.

Step 8. Once the new owner becomes the co-author on your blogger blog you will able to see the name and email address of the new author against Blog Authors under Permissions. Now click Authors against the new owners email address and click Admin.

Step 9. Once you make the new author Admin of your blog then click cross (x) button against your name and email address under Permissions and remove yourself from the blog.

Once you click the cross (x) button you lost the access permission to your blog. This grants the new user complete administrative control of the blog.

Step 10. Now the new owner has to do few works to get full control of the blog. New owner need to change the Comment Notification Email address to receive all the comments in his / her email address. To do that after login to the blogger account, new owner need to click  Settings and then Mobile and email. Read also : How to create AdSense Search Engine and Make Money from it.

After that new owner should have to replace the previous owner's email address with his / her own email address. After replacing the email address new owner should have to click Save settings to save the changes. Once the new owner does this work then he / she will get all comment notification on his / her email address instead of previous owner.

Step 11. After that new owner should have to change the Posting using email address under Email and Posting using SMS/MMS under  Settings   >>  Mobile and email. And then new owner should have to click Save settings to save the changes. Read also : How to insert check box in MS Word.

Step 12. If the blog is monetized with Google AdSense  or other ad networks then new owner should have to change all the AdSense codes with his / her own AdSense codes.

Step 13.  In previous, all the images uploaded on blogger stores on the Picasa Web Album of the blog owner account. Since, Picasa Web Album redirects to Google+ Photos the new owner have to told the old owner not to delete the the images those are uploaded to blogger.

That's it! Thanks for reading the post.
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